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Further information requirements:  

Telemedia Act (TMG)
§ 5 General information requirements

(1) Service providers must keep the following information easily recognizable, immediately accessible and constantly available for business-like telemedia, which are usually offered for a fee:

1. the name and address at which they are established, in the case of legal entities also the legal form, the authorized representatives and, if information is provided about the company's capital, the share capital or share capital and, if not all contributions to be made in cash are paid up, the total amount of outstanding deposits,

2. Information that enables quick electronic contact and direct communication with you, including the address of the electronic mail,

3. insofar as the service is offered or provided in the context of an activity that requires official approval, information on the competent supervisory authority,

4. the commercial register, association register, partnership register or cooperative register in which they are registered and the corresponding register number,

5. insofar as the service in the exercise of a profession within the meaning of Article 1 letter d of Council Directive 89/48 / EEC of December 21, 1988 on a general regulation for the recognition of university diplomas which complete at least three years of vocational training (OJ EC No. . L 19 p. 16), or within the meaning of Article 1 letter f of Council Directive 92/51 / EEC of June 18, 1992 on a second general regulation for the recognition of professional qualifications in addition to Directive 89/48 / EEC (OJ . EG No. L 209 p. 25, 1995 No. L 17 p. 20), last amended by Commission Directive 97/38 / EC of June 20, 1997 (OJ No. L 184 p. 31), is offered or provided, information about

a) the chamber to which the service providers belong,

b) the legal professional title and the state in which the professional title was awarded,

c) the designation of the professional regulations and how they are accessible,

6. in cases in which they have a sales tax identification number according to § 27a of the Sales Tax Act or an economic identification number according to § 139c of the Tax Code, the indication of this number,

7. in the case of stock corporations, limited partnerships on stocks and companies with limited liability that are in the process of winding up or liquidation, the information about this,

8. for audiovisual media service providers, the information

a) of the Member State which is or is deemed to be the country of domicile for them, as well as

b) the competent regulatory and supervisory authorities.

(2) Further information obligations under other legal provisions remain unaffected.

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